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Monarch Butterfly Tours

Experience the beauty of nature with our New Zealand’s precious Monarch butterfly species. Perfect for preschool/school groups, families, and community groups.

Having shared his sense of wonder and delight at Nature’s design with his children, and grandchildren (and more recently, his great-grandchildren) Ian and his wife Jill have created a haven for honeybees and butterflies (and occasionally white cabbage moths) in Hope, just south of Richmond. Come and see for yourself the delights of nature.


Availability of Monarch butterflies is very seasonal, generally from November to April. The best time for tour groups is between January and April.


General: $5 per adult
School and Preschool: $2 per head (child or adult)

Morning / Afternoon Tea/ Light lunch: Can be served at $5 – $10 per head, depending on requirements.  We are happy to discuss your requirements.

Minimum charge per tour group      $25

Some details

Tours are by arrangement or appointment ONLY.

Tours can be arranged for families, pre-school/school groups, community organisations … and more

A typical tour takes approximately one hour.

Accessibility under foot can be difficult for the less physically able.

Thank you so much for hosting us yesterday. A very enjoyable and relaxing couple hours. And I believe with the feedback everyone enjoyed the learning and seeing the Monarchs. And Jill morning tea was very tasty – thank you.

Venturous Valda, Nelson Saucy Sisters


If you are keen to have a Tour with us, give us a call on 021 1806322 or fill out the form below.

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