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Welcome to Occasional Monarchy – where you can find Monarch Butterflies for your special occasions. We think that Monarch butterflies, their caterpillars, and the transformation that takes place inside the chrysalis are awe inspiring, (or even, aww inspiring!) making any event a special occasion.


You can release Monarch butterflies individually, with each person opening a box containing a single butterfly, or release a flutter of a dozen or more at one time.


Experience the beauty of nature with our New Zealand’s precious Monarch butterfly species. Perfect for preschool/school groups, families, and community groups.

Whether it’s a baby naming, christening, graduation, or a birthday, monarch butterflies can help create an occasion that is out of the ordinary!

A new beginning may be a private moment, or a public celebration. For either, releasing a butterfly symbolises your next stage in life.

A live butterfly release as part of a funeral or memorial service is a beautiful addition to the words and rituals of the ceremony.


For “out of season” events in the Nelson Tasman area only, we have beautiful white doves available for release.

Occasional Monarchy specialises in live butterfly releases, a breathtaking addition to any occasion. Please contact us with your ideas. We’ll be glad to suggest new ways to create a memorable occasion using live Monarch butterflies!

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